Freedom Flow Solutions reduces workplace stress and promotes employee well-being so that organizations thrive.
How we work

How we work

We partner with leaders to transcend organizational hurdles, transform workplace culture, while promoting employee well-being and innovation.

Utilizing our proprietary educational frameworks, we collaborate with clients virtually and in-person to dream, design, and implement ways of being together that promote dignity and agency.

F.R.E.E.! Five Resilient Elemental Exercises™: Our unique sequence of embodied practices supports feeling safer, calmer and better able to surf the waves of work. This educational methodology consists of physical and mental exercises that promote employee well-being.

Embodied Compassion™: Relationships are about tear and repair. This relational approach expands participants’ capacity to acknowledge and transform the discomfort that arises in all relationships. Participants learn to move through self-criticism, gaslighting, the olympics of suffering and other habits that undermine our relationships with ourselves and others. This educational methodology features rubrics and materials that promote dignity and agency at work.

FiT-O™: This educational methodology provides a structure for developing organizational policies and procedures that center employee well-being and engagement. Our proprietary system supports leaders and teams in developing strategic approaches to working together in a way that facilitates ease and workflow.

Invitation to Ease™: This is a multi-session educational methodology for individual, relational and organizational transformation. It is customized to the needs of clients.

We offer:

Dynamic Public Speaking

Executive Coaching


Organizational Culture and Systems Consulting

Professional Learning and Development

Workplace Stress and Resilience Programming

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